Good look old lady. Is that Jil sander navy? Omg…

lol….Condé Nasty…that’s a good one!

fashion is silly. too silly for me, man. i want to be hot, but not like that.

Conde Nasty

yo…..this photo is like…weird! very weird! print it!!

hmmm….this photo is weird…pervy lookin…thats fashion baby! print it!

here are my classmates and i at a gallery today. can you guess which one is me? don’t tell harry.

for my next photo assignment we have to photograph a leaf in a unique way so i’m going to put the stem in my bum bum. don’t tell harry.

dont tell harry

free jim by 2015!!!!!


Anonymous asked:

Dont try to think of a funny answer this is serious what is Jims new url



plus he’s gone fuckin soft now anyway >:) 

ah, speaking of which, i just remembered that it’s garbage night. better print off all of jim’s posts so i can bring em to the curb.